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Remittance Instruments


Remittance On Collection Basis

We handle following instruments on collection basis from our customers:

  • A demand draft / Cashiers Check /Official Check drawn in foreign currency such as US Dollar / Great Britain Pound/Euro/ Japanese Yen/Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar etc. purchased from your banker abroad.
  • International Money Orders in foreign currency.
  • Your personal cheque in foreign currency, drawn on your account abroad.
  • Demand draft / Mail Transfer / Cable Transfer purchased from any of our foreign branches and drawn on our Indian branches either in Rupees or foreign currency.

Exchange House Arrangements


We have tie up arrangement with following Exchnage Houses in UAE

Al Ansari Exchange

Al Ansari Exchange LLC, Abudhabi, UAE.

UAE Exchange Centre

UAE Exchange Centre LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Lulu International Exchange

Lulu International Exchange LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Cash & Travellers Cheque

During your personal visit you may tender foreign currency CASH and/or Travellers cheques. (As per Reserve Bank of India guidelines, you are allowed to carry without Customs declaration amounts in Cash component up to USD 5000/-(or equivalent in other foreign currencies) along with travellers cheques with the sum total of the two aggregating USD 10,000/- or equivalent in other foreign currencies).

These limits are for each NRI visiting India. However, you may bring in any amount after declaring at the customs counter in Currency Declaration Form (CDF) signed by Customs Official.