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Rapid Funds2India

With Rapid Funds2India, transferring funds from your Bank of Baroda account is done in an instant and secure way. Send instant credit to the beneficiary’s account on the same day or within 24 hours with 110300+ branches of other banks through RTGS/ NEFT.

All Bank of Baroda overseas branches offer Rapid Funds2India facility in 24 countries.

Key Benefits

Within 24 hours credit to the beneficiary's account with approximately 26,000 NEFT/RTGS branches of other banks.

No minimum or maximum amount for transfer to a Bank of Baroda branch & to branches of other Banks through NEFT. The minimum amount for an RTGS transaction is Rs. 2,00,000.00

Easy and hassle-free money transfer service to India from our branches as per list below

Instant credit to beneficiary's account with Bank of Baroda's interconnected branches in India under the Core Banking Solution (CBS) network.

Free remittance in case both the remitter and beneficiary have an account with us.

Confirmation of credit to the remitter through overseas branch. Neither the remitter nor the beneficiary need to have an account with Bank of Baroda.

Who can Remit...

  • Individuals NRIs / PIOs.
  • Corporates Remitting salary payments to the employees in India.